What is the difference between a Lease and Exclusive Rights?

Glad you asked! The main difference is, if you’re buying a Lease, you might not be the only one.  If you purchase Exclusive Rights, not only do you get the full-quality WAV track-out, the beat is removed from our store and is no longer available for anyone else.

Can I upgrade to Exclusive Rights if I've already bought a Lease?

You may, but it’s first-come first-served. Thundabeats makes no guarantees that the track will be available at your convenience, even if you’ve purchased a lease in the past – you snooze, you lose! Once a track is gone, it’s gone… but there’s always another one around the corner!

Can I have free beats?

Sure! Anything you find for free on Bandcamp and Soundcloud is on the house, but most of it will be tagged, and it’s not supposed to be for commercial use. Go ahead and use it for your mixtape or YouTube channel, but if you want to make money from the song, invest a few bucks in a license and get a high-quality audio file.