Need something CUSTOM created ON THE SPOT?

The bidding starts at only $20. Wow!!! 🔥🌩🔥🌩

If you’re looking for a specific type beat but can’t find it anywhere, OR just want to try your luck, send us some info and we’ll make it for you in less than 24 hours. For real.

Remakes are fine, but we assume no liability if you get in trouble!  To do a remake the legal way, you’ll need permission from the copyright holder of the original composition. It’s up to you as the artist to secure that, more info can be found here. You can roll the dice, or, if you want to provide a track for reference, I can definitely make you something CUSTOM with a similar sound and feel, without any infringement. Just let me know what to do.


  • High-quality, ready-to-use, MP3 or WAV file
  • Always original, made-to-order
  • Revisions included
  • Royalty-Free (no uncleared samples used)
  • Untagged, Non-Exclusive (first option to buy)
  • No commitment needed, go for it!

Make sure to fill out the Custom Beat form after ordering, we’ll need that so we know what to make! A link to the form will be found on your purchase receipt in your email inbox.